#dine at home

This week we are bringing the iconic British Spy Film to life
and taking your on an epic adventure through

the films of James Bond

A three course dinner and a Martini mixer awaits you

Delivered directly to your door

Between 7 - 8pm

Using only the freshest ingredients around.

We start with FROM KENT WITH LOVE - with a packed Hamper to share including delicious bread, charcuterie, a local cheese and a few suprises to tickle your tastebuds.

Don't forget to use your Elderflower Martini Mixer to make your own cocktail - SHAKEN, NOT STIRRED.

Your main is THUNDER BALLS, our twist on jerked pork balls served with seasonal local vegetable direct from the Goods Shed.
Your dessert it Dr. No I didn't forget the Elderflower Cheesecake served with Ginger Beer Tea.

All served with a side of A James Bond Quiz.


7 DAy Elderflower CHallenge

Do you alway mean to get your Elderflower on and miss it? 
Or aren't sure what else to do with it bar cordial?
Join us over the next seven days as we take you on an Elderflower adventure. 

Seven days and seven different challenges - we can't wait.

From Elderflower Vinegar to Elderflower Cordial to Elderflower Gummy Bears - oh so good. We promise nothing will take more than 30 mins to make. So they can fit into your daily life.

You will have a shelf full of stocked goodies by the end of the week. So you can create all types of delights from crab and elderflower balls to delicious cocktails.

This is our hift  keep the kids busy over half term and a great way to add purpose to your walks.

The best way to prepare is by saving your jars, plastic bottles and any other containers!

We will be sharing everything from what to look for, the best time of day to pick it to lots of different yummy recipes.

 Why not invite friends or familys too. It is time for the great Elderflower off!


Join us LIVE every Sunday and be part of our Sunday Brunch Club on Facebook. 

Each week we will be share SEASONAL, SUSTAINABLE and AFFORDABLE recipes. What's not to love?

WATCH our most pouplar Sunday Brunch Club Lives including: 

Beetroot Rostis
Nettle Dough Balls
Breakfast Burritos
Boozy Irish Toast
Beer Poached Pear with Hog Roast and Potato Cakes 
Banging British Breakfast
American French Toast with Elderberry Compote



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