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We are giving you a unique peek into the Foodie Revolution on Friday 2nd of October as we make cucumber kimchi LIVE with the amazing Cindy Robert. Who has the leading Kimchi subscription box in the UK. We can't wait to take part! 

What is Kimchi? 

Kimchi is unpasteurised, packed full of probiotics, prebiotics and vitamins to support your gut health, improve digestion, and boost your immune system. It is a powerhouse for your GUT.

It’s basically spicy, fermented cabbage, kind of like sauerkraut, but with Korean flavors – garlic, ginger & Korean chilies. Kimchi is like the heart and soul of Korean cooking. And it’s tasty with so many things! We are adding an English Twist by using up current gluts of Cucumber.


Who is Cindy

Cindy is a trained pastry chef who after travelling in South Korea fell in love with kimchi.  and learning the art of kimchi from Kimchi master chefs and Korean mums. 

What do I need to do? 

1. Tell us your name and email so we can save you a spot. 
2. Purchase your Korean Solar Sea Salt 100g and Korean Chilli Flakes (Gochugaru – 125g) if you want to get the real taste of Korea. Enough to make up to 4kg of cucumber Kimchi or experiment with other recipes. Cindy is going to throw in a couple of extra recipes too! You can purchase it
here for £7.90. A great way to start your weekend.
3. See you LIVE on Facebook on the 2nd October at 6pm. 

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