Get your Elderflower On

We are launching our Elderflower Challenge on Tuesday.

Seven days and seven different challenges - we can't wait.

From Elderflower Vinegar to Elderflower Cordial to Elderflower Gummy Bears - oh so good.


We promise nothing will take more than 30 mins to make.


So they can fit into your daily life.

You will have a shelf full of stocked goodies by the end of the week.


So you can create all types of delights from crab and elderflower balls to delicious cocktails.

We thought it would be a great way to keep the kids busy over half term and a great way to add purpose to your walks.

The best way to prepare is by saving your jars, plastic bottles and any other containers!

We will be sharing everything from what to look for, the best time of day to pick it to lots of different yummy recipes.

Just sign up and and watch out for your daily email sharing the daily recipe and extra tips! Why not invite friends or familys too. It is time for the great Elderflower off!


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