A Bumper Summer for Chilli

Thanks to Edible Culture we are currently growing four types of chilli; Tangerine, Tabasco, Scotch Bonnet and the infamous Kent Naga. Bred from the legendary Dorset Naga they are reportedly hotter than their western cousins making it one of the hottest chillies in the world! It scores over one million on the scoville (SHU) scale! To put this into perspective the Scotch Bonnet scores between 100,000 and 400,000 SHU.

Thanks to a bumper crop of chillies we now have the opportunity to use them in our Bangers and Balls recipes. There is nothing better than picking a chilli you have grown straight from the plant and plopping it in the pot! Here is our round up of the best ways to use them.

Tangerine Chilli : Make a mouth watering mild curry

Going to Edible Culture is akin to going on a chilli adventure! As David led us from one chilli plant to another he handed Duncan a bright orange chilli to taste. Duncan was a bit dubious at first - was this a test? Welcome to chilli club? He didn't think so but said he couldn't be sure. To his relief David bit into one and proceeded to eat it like an apple. Either he was very tough or this chilli wasn't very hot. Duncan cautiously took a nibble; it was delicious. He was then brave enough to take a huge bite and told me there was a warmth, a little tingle that told you it was a chilli and not a sweet pepper but it was by no means hot!

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Scotch Bonnet: Jerk Sauce

Our August menu celebrates Summer Sports and in particular the classic English game of Cricket. Duncan wanted to celebrate the infusion of culture that we are lucky enough to experience in the UK by making jerk chicken caribbean cricket balls. He started by asking all his Jamaican friends for their grandmothers jerk chicken recipes. He was surprised that they all recommended the same shop bought paste! Or was this just a ruse to keep the recipes a secret? Duncan has developed his own recipe with lots of taste tasting! Sign up to our eyeballer newsletter to find out what it is!

Tabasco: Tabasco Sauce

Tabasco sauce is a staple ingredient in most homes from popping a drop or two onto the native Whitstable oyster to adding heat to a Bloody Mary. Duncan has created his own version using our own brewed condiment real ale vinegar! It is simply delicious and adds a depth of flavour. Come along to one of our events post September to try it for yourself.

All together now: 5 chilli ketchup sauce

Duncan has been busy experimenting with the chillies and discovering the sliding scale of heat. He soon realised that they would blend well together and make a delicious ketchup! Come to our pop up at the Chilli Festival in Faversham to test it for yourself and tell us what you think. See you there!


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