Five of the Most Brilliantly Bonkers Gins you can Buy

At Bangers and Balls we are fanatical about flavours! So we have loved exploring how Gin distillers use unexpected ingredients —the more bonkers the better! From Clotted Cream to Seaweed read about our top five below.

Clotted Cream Gin

Truly unique and morish the Wrecking Coast Gin is is made with clotted cream delivering a distinctly Cornish flavour! This hand-crafted gin is the first of its kind and is created to deliver a luxurious feel that’s smooth on the palette with delicious hints of vanilla. Serve it neat over ice or why not add it to a afternoon cream tea!

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The Naked Vanilla Bean Marshmallow Gin

The vanilla bean marshmallow gin is made in the UK by expert artisanial distillers.

Small batch English gin infused with handmade vanilla bean marshmallows, produced using copper pot stills. Serve over ice or straight from the freezer, why not add a box of marshmallows for the ultimate moment of indulgence?

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Anty Gin

We have heard of Ants in your pants but ants in your gin? Anty gin is the first in the world to be made out of insects and is distilled with approximately 62 wood ants! From foraging to bottling and labelling by hand with The Cambridge Distillery’s 1924 typewriter, every step of the process has been done with a dedication to craft. It is officially recognised as the world’s most innovative alcoholic beverage! At £200 per bottle, those 62 critters don't come cheap but if you are brave enough to order you will receive 50 ml of pure wood ant distillate so you can accurately pick out the ant flavours in the spirit. Thanks to the formic acid the ants release, the resulting spirit is quite citrusy!

Picture: Cambridge Distillery/BNPS

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Spit-roasted pineapple gin

In the 1920s Pineapple Gin was common place but it fell into obscurity in the following years. Luckily 'That Boutique-y Gin Company' have brought it back to life! Made by roasting pineapples on a spit with Demerara sugar until a beautiful caramelisation occurs. We stumbled across in it the twelves taps in Whitstable. It was described as 'a beautiful mix of sweet and sour pineapple and rich sweet caramel.' They recommended that we had it with Fever Tree lemon. I can tell you it didn't disappoint! It felt like an elevated Lilt exploding in your mouth; perfect for those summer days.

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Dà Mhile Seaweed Gin

A favourite with mermaids this gin is distilled with organic botanicals and infused with handpicked seaweed from the Celtic coast. This unique seaweed gin will add a salty spice to any gin and tonic. It tastes delightful with seafood - gin infused mussels anyone? Or why not sip it out of a oyster shell?

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