Going the Whole Hog - Nose to Tail Eating

Why has it become normal to eat only certain parts of the animal? Our hunter - gatherer ancestors wouldn’t have wasted any of their kill. Yet children are often shocked to find their Black Pudding is made of blood or paté is made from liver.

As Fergus from the original Nose to Tail, Michelin starred restaurant St. Johns says "If you're going to kill the animal it seems only polite to use the whole thing." Which is exactly what we are doing with our Nose to Tail Supper Club.

Set on the beautiful Yew Tree Farm in Bredgar where the cheeky pygmy goats roam, with chickens under foot and the sheep lazily grazing under the trees; it is the perfect place to host our Nose to Tail Supper Club.

Duncan will be using four beautiful Gloucester Old Spot x Saddleback pigs who have spent their days rooting for worms, sun bathing, wallowing in mud and being hand-fed vegetables from the allotment by the wonderful mini farmers. Edwina and Sorcha really take pride in their pigs having unrestricted access to the outside, a warm comfy straw bed to sleep on and a truly free range, happy life.

It is a world away from the aisles of plastic wrapped chicken breasts in the supermarket. An old fashioned experience with a very modern twist. It is for you if you would like to explore eating offal or are already addicted to it’s delicious flavour. It also helps to lessen your environmental impact to the earth. By eating lesser known cuts of meat and everything between nose to tail we get to explore so much more and make a more sustainable planet. Crispy Pig Tail and Snout with a sharp hedgerow salad anyone?

You will start the evening with a welcome Hedgerow Fizz and been given the clues to snuffle for your truffles before sitting down to a sharing tapas style starter.

Tickets are £55 a head - less than a train ticket to Birmingham and it is BYO with no corkage fee. Tickets are flying out of the ballroom so gather your friends and book today for a unique one off experience.


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