New Materials for A New World

Have you ever wondered what your clothes, shoes or even your aeroplane seat will be made of in the future? One lady Carmen Hijosa may have the answer!

After a visit to the Philippines leather expert Carmen Hijosa felt compelled to research an alternative to leather in reaction to the environmental and ethical dilemmas she observed in the leather tanning and manufacturing industries. What could be used instead?

Enter the Pineapple!

Carmen spent seven years developing Piñatex® a plant-based non-woven textile made from long fibres found in pineapple leaves. She did this at the Royal College of Art in London while earning her PHD. Age 63 she launched her first start up saying "Design is not just about product. Design is about responsibility.”

It benefits the pineapple farmers as rather than leaving 13 tonnes of pineapple leaves annually to rot they can turn them into an amazing product. Farmers sell the fibres and can even use the biomass left after fibre extraction as a natural fertiliser. The innovative textile offers trade and export opportunities for pineapple growing countries around the world in addition to having a low environmental impact.

What does pineapple material feel like? It can come in various thicknesses and finishes and has the same durability as real leather, and is strong and breathable!

We absolutely love the different products you can already buy. These are on our wish list at Bangers and Balls HQ. How cool are these star wars trainers.

Intrigued why not check out some of their fabulous designs here.



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