On the Catwalk: The Captivating Carrot Top

Straight from the farm to to the catwalk is the Captivating Carrot Top. This may come as a surprise but the green tops on your carrots are edible! They have a sweet earthy flavour, that is reminiscent of well - carrots. So don't throw them on the compost but let us tingle your taste buds with Duncan Tinklers mouth watering Carrot Top Pistachio Pesto.

What do you with the greens of your carrots?. We are delighted to see beautiful vibrant green carrot tops thanks to our fabulous weekly organic veg box from Jack's Veg.

Ok, so they look great - but how do they taste?

Carrot top greens look like parsley in appearance, texture and versatility, except carrot top greens actually taste like carrots!

Duncan's Five Favourite things about Carrot Tops

  • They are a great to add into stock - they give it a golden hue

  • They are highly nutritive, rich in protein, minerals and vitamins. They contain 6 times the vitamin C of the root and are a great source of potassium and calcium.

  • The Victorians used carrot tops to dye things yellow

  • They are delicious, cheap and available all year round

  • Zero waste - you get to eat the whole carrot

Carrot Top Pistachio Pesto

Duncan was inspired by his love of root to stalk cooking. Supermarket bagged carrots don't offer you the option of this beautiful green top which is why we love our weekly organic delivery!

If you want to pimp it up even further why not crumble some vegan cheese or goats cheese over the top for a real winter treat.

Carrot Top Pistachio Pesto

What you need to make it

- 1 cup of washed carrot top leaves

- 1/4 cup of shelled pistachios

- 1 large garlic clove, peeled

- 1 lemon zest

- 2 tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice

- 2-3 tablespoons of olive oil

- salt and pepper to taste

How to make it

1. Whiz up your pistachios and garlic in your food processor

2. Add carrot tops, lemon juice, lemon zest and blitz

3. Add olive oil to make a pesto consistency

4. Season to taste

Serving Tips

  • Toss it through pasta

  • Drizzle over Jack's organic potatoes

  • Serve it with delicious bread - homemade, warmed in the oven or shop bought - you decide.

  • Pimp it up with some goats cheese or a vegan alternative

Now put your feet up and enjoy it. Tonight we sat at the kitchen table and ate it drizzled over Jack's organic potatoes with our Christmas lights twinkling!

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