Spices are the key to keeping cool this summer.

Nothing feels better than ice cool water running down your dry throat on a hot summers day. Well maybe an ice cold beer or a G&T!  How many of you reach for spicy food to help cool you down? It may feel counter-intuitive to eat a hot salsa or spicy ball while sunbathing but it does work! 

Hot countries across the globe from India to Mexico use spice.  Warm climates make food spoil faster and spices have anti-microbial property that help prevent the food from going bad. Spices also help people beat the heat! Have you noticed how you sweat when eating a hot curry? It is the bodies most natural way to release heat. Yale professor Barry Green explained in Scientific American. 

"...spicy foods excite the receptors in the skin that normally respond to heat... The central nervous system reacts to whatever the sensory system tells it is going on. Therefore, the pattern of activity from pain and warm fibers triggers both the sensations and the physical reactions of heat, including vasodilation, sweating and flushing..."

Sweating is one of the primary methods the body has to regulate its temperature. We all know the feeling after eating something hot where you feel your entire body warm up. Then the beads of perspiration start to appear.  The perspiration (or glow if we are a lady) then evaporates leaving your body cool. Be your own air con this summer with a good spicy meal and it will result in your body cooling quickly and more efficiently. Why not come along and try our Nadal balls on our Wimbledon menu? 

Find it hard to tolerate spicy food? There is no trick apart from practice, practice, practice. Start by adding small doses of spice to your normal meals on a regular basis and slowly build your way up to hotter dishes. Chef Duncan will be sharing some of his delicious recipes soon.

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